The Broken Penis

Quite possibly one of the scariest things that could happen to a man would be breaking his penis. This probably sounds like something made up, but unfortunately it is a common reality. So how does this happen and what can you do to avoid it, or fix it if you do happen to break your penis.

To start, a broken penis, or penile fracture, is when the skin under the shaft of an erect penis ruptures. The break is characterized by a popping sound and the penis immediately becoming flaccid. Because the penis is filled with blood when erect, the rupture will often cause bruising to some degree (hematoma) depending on the severity of the rupture. It is very important to head to the emergency room right away because this is considered a medical emergency. Damage can be done to the urethra in a penile fracture and should be taken very seriously as erectile and urinary function could be severely compromised.

You may be wondering how such a horrific thing can happen. The answer is that it is not hard to do and happens more often than you might think. The easiest and most common way to break your penis is while you are having sex. Sometimes things get a little wild, positions are changed or new ones are tried and accidents happen. The most common position penile fracture happens in is the woman on top position because the penis can hit the female pelvis. Before you start panicking and decided that you are never trying anything new or adventurous in the bedroom again, keep in mind that you can prevent the broken penis just by taking a little extra care when trying new positions. Practice new or difficult positions slowly until you get the hang of them and are comfortable going all out.

If you do happen to break your penis make sure you go to the emergency room immediately. Don’t feel embarrassed to tell your doctor what happened. Breaking your penis does not mean that you are inexperienced or incompetent in the bedroom, it happens to men more commonly than you would think.

The first thing your doctor will check is to make sure you have not damaged your urethra. After that, the repair is generally surgical and when taken care of right away has a very high recovery rate. Recovery takes about a few weeks. Sex and other sexual activities should be avoided during this time. Ice packs, pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs are usually prescribed for the patient’s recovery.