Penis Pumps and Weights

bathmate_hercules_reviewThe way an erection works is by blood flowing into the shaft of the penis when a man is aroused. Within the shaft of the penis, there is no muscle involved to help it grow. What does this mean for penis enlargement? It means that you cannot make your penis larger by working out as you would at the gym. The good news is that you can increase the size of your penis by working your penis out in other ways, with use of penis pumps and weights.

Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are a cylindrical tube that you put over your penis and pump to create suction. The suction increases the blood flow to your penis, helping it swell and become harder and larger. Penis pumps come in manual and mechanical varieties and vary in price range and effectiveness. When using a pump the main thing to remember is to go slow when pumping and follow the directions given with the pump. The results with penis pumps are instant, but not always permanent. However, if used over a long period of time, men have reported seeing permanent results in penis enlargement. Also, when used with male enhancement pills the permanent size increase can be sped up.


The use of weights for penis enlargement is one of the oldest penis enlargement techniques around. Weights are hung from the penis and meant to stretch the penis and encourage cell growth to add permanent length to the penis. Sometimes when using weights men attempt to lift the weight in repetitions to try to increase strength of the penis, as well. As you might imagine, this technique is not the most comfortable and oftentimes painful. Great care should be taken when trying this method of penis enlargement so that no damage is done to the nerves of the penis. A safer, more effective way of lengthening the penis in a similar way is by using a penis traction device. Men have more control of the stretching with traction devices and have less chance of doing permanent damage to the penis.