Penis Erection Oils

Penis Erection OilsMaintaining an erection during sex is a process that is very complex and entails numerous physiological phenomena. If you want to gain an understanding of penis erection oils, you may want to educate yourself on sexual arousal.

When men are aroused sexually, the nervous system receives several signals and after this, nitric oxide goes to the corpus cavernosa. When it arrives, it goes into the arteries cells that are located in this area. This action causes relaxation of muscle cells.

When the cells of the arteries relax, the arteries of the corpus cavernosa become blood filled, and this causes compression of the veins. Once this occurs, blood is trapped within the corpus cavernosa, and an erection results.

Due to the reproductive system’s tissue structure, there are many points that are capable of interacting with chemicals. Applying certain chemicals to an important area of the erectile system will help men maintain an erection.

Because of this, numerous drugs that alleviate erectile dysfunction have hit the market. Sildenafil is one such drug and has been proven to aid in maintaining an erection.

Recently, several transdermal products have been introduced. These products contain several herbal ingredients that are added to different oils. These oils are known to be quite effective. Many of these topical oils contain sexual stimulants that are very powerful and will help you keep an erection during intercourse.

This concept is not new. Such remedies have been used by some native cultures for a very long time. Modern day science is actually just catching up.

L-Argynine is an amino acid proven to be effective in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It is converted to nitric oxide which is an essential part of orgasm in males.