The Conversation Between You and Your Partner about Penis Enlargement

If you are in a committed relationship and are thinking about penis enlargement, you should discuss it with your partner before coming to a final decision. The subject is very sensitive and personal so you don’t want to make the choice alone.

Besides, if you’re involved with someone, you probably are considering the enlargement so that you both will have an improved sex life. This means that you should be open about the issue and come to a mutual decision.

Making the decision on your own may result in problems in the relationship. This is a serious choice and if you make it without consulting your mate first, it could really hurt his or her feelings. You also need to think about the fact that something may go wrong with the enlargement, particularly if you are thinking about a surgical procedure.

The surgery will be quite expensive and several risks are involved. Deformity is one of them. Surgical complications can actually make your sex life worse than ever. If your finances are closely tied to your partner’s, it is essential to discuss the procedure with them first. It may take money away from the areas that need it most.

If you feel inadequate because of your penis size, talk about it with your mate. Chances are that they don’t care about the size of your penis. They may be interesting in you working on other things- like increasing stamina or lasting longer.

Having sexual issues may not come from the size but your performance. Regardless of the circumstances, communicating with your significant other is crucial. Lack of communication is a leading cause of relationship failure.


The Broken Penis

Quite possibly one of the scariest things that could happen to a man would be breaking his penis. This probably sounds like something made up, but unfortunately it is a common reality. So how does this happen and what can you do to avoid it, or fix it if you do happen to break your penis.

To start, a broken penis, or penile fracture, is when the skin under the shaft of an erect penis ruptures. The break is characterized by a popping sound and the penis immediately becoming flaccid. Because the penis is filled with blood when erect, the rupture will often cause bruising to some degree (hematoma) depending on the severity of the rupture. It is very important to head to the emergency room right away because this is considered a medical emergency. Damage can be done to the urethra in a penile fracture and should be taken very seriously as erectile and urinary function could be severely compromised.

You may be wondering how such a horrific thing can happen. The answer is that it is not hard to do and happens more often than you might think. The easiest and most common way to break your penis is while you are having sex. Sometimes things get a little wild, positions are changed or new ones are tried and accidents happen. The most common position penile fracture happens in is the woman on top position because the penis can hit the female pelvis. Before you start panicking and decided that you are never trying anything new or adventurous in the bedroom again, keep in mind that you can prevent the broken penis just by taking a little extra care when trying new positions. Practice new or difficult positions slowly until you get the hang of them and are comfortable going all out.

If you do happen to break your penis make sure you go to the emergency room immediately. Don’t feel embarrassed to tell your doctor what happened. Breaking your penis does not mean that you are inexperienced or incompetent in the bedroom, it happens to men more commonly than you would think.

The first thing your doctor will check is to make sure you have not damaged your urethra. After that, the repair is generally surgical and when taken care of right away has a very high recovery rate. Recovery takes about a few weeks. Sex and other sexual activities should be avoided during this time. Ice packs, pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs are usually prescribed for the patient’s recovery.


Testicular Trauma

We often watch comedies and find it hilarious when a man receives a kick to the groin or anywhere near his penis. This is a simple yet effective way to get us to laugh. Its popularity may be due to the fact that when the man is hit there, he goes down with the funniest facial expressions.

In real life, getting kicked isn’t nearly as funny as what we see in movies and on TV shows. These men experience pain that is real and severe. Women also use this as a method to debilitate attackers, in reality.

The Danger of Testicular Trauma

The pain that men feel after a kick or hit in their groin is caused by testicular trauma. This part of their body is extremely sensitive, and the pain goes throughout his entire body. This pain can be felt by males of all ages. This is why it is important for parents to protect this area in their children when the children engage in dangerous situations or strenuous activities, like sports.

Not only is there pain involved with testicular trauma, but long term effects can also be seen. There may be internal testicular bleeding, ruptures, or fractures. These issues can result in the loss of a testicle, if treatment isn’t immediate. Testicular rupture is especially dangerous because the testicle is completely destroyed.

Losing one testicle won’t result in having low testosterone or reproduction, but young adults may have feelings of inadequacy.

Testicular Torsion

Losing a testicle is very rare because it would require extremely strong force, but there are other things that can lead to losing a testicle. Testicular torsion is a condition in which the veins connecting the testicles become twisted. This causes blood flow to decrease, and the testicles lose function. The problem with testicular torsion is that other veins can be twisted also. The person will have problems getting an erection or possibly might not have any feeling at all in his penis.

Signs of testicular torsion are things such as feeling a great deal of pain for several and swollen testicles. Medical attention should be sought immediately if damage to the testicles is to be prevented.


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Sexual Health Test

According to the statistics, the number of sexually transmitted diseases has increased alarmingly. Therefore, it is important for everyone who has had sex to get tested. Often, people tend to ignore these tests because they do not see any explicit reason or symptoms. This could be a big mistake, as many of these diseases do not display any external signs until they are a few years old.

It is very simple to get a sexual health test done. You can get it done in any sexual health clinic, community clinic or by some general practitioners. You can search for these places with the help of internet, yellow pages or through friends. These clinics are equipped with the latest technologies that can screen and test for all possible sexual health issues.

A concern that most people have is about the confidentiality of the results of their sexual health test.  There is absolutely no reason to be concerned. The test results stay confidential amongst the professional medical staff. No one but you will be disclosed the results of your test.

It is always better to be prepared and know what kind of tests will be conducted. There is usually a urine test, a blood test and a physical inspection involved. You will also be asked a few questions. All this is done in a professional, efficient and cordial manner. The results of the test will take a few hours to few days.

If something is detected, you may need to go through further testing and the clinics will provide you will the proper form of treatment.

cause of penis injury or trauma may happen while having sex.

This kind of injury may happen to your penis when an erect penis accidentally slips out of the vagina and strikes it outside with force or thrust. When this happens, it may cause your penis to bend sharply. This often happens when the woman is on the top during the intercourse. You may experience a sharp pain, loss of erection and sometimes even hear a popping sound.

This pain is experienced due to a tear in the penis muscle, which is stretched during an erection. The injury is usually referred to as a penis fracture in medical terms- though the term literally is not accurate, as a penis does not have a bone. Other penis injuries have also been reported during sexual intercourse when sexual accessories and toys are used.

A majority of these penis injuries are not serious in nature and tend to heal without any medical treatment. However, sometimes a few complications may arise that may require a thorough checkup and treatment by an urologist. The treatment may involve anti-inflammatory medicines, cold compresses and pressure dressings, in most of the cases. In some, surgical treatment may be required. However, these are usually minor surgeries.

In case your penis is injured, do not hesitate to see a doctor, especially if the symptoms like pain or discomfort do not go away within time. There is no need to be embarrassed about a penis injury.


Piercings for the Penis

Each year, thousands of men make the decision to have a penis piercing. If this is something that you are thinking about, then it is important to know all the facts. Knowing the facts will ensure that you have this piercing performed by a professional in sanitary conditions in order to protect your health.

Where You Can Get a Penis Piercing

You should not try to pierce your penis on your own. It is imperative that you have the procedure done by a professional. Try to locate sompenomet-resulteone that has been recommended to you and that has an excellent reputation and a number of years in business. The professional will be able to accurately size the appropriate jewelry and instruct you on the proper care of the piercing. A professional at piercing is trained to keep their equipment and shop sterilized to protect their clients from dangerous diseases. Infection is a very real risk and can be life threatening.

The Average Cost

The price of jewelry will depend on your personal taste. The price of the procedure will be around fifty dollars and up.

The Procedure

The procedure involves a needle which punctures the skin. A ring or bar is inserted into the opening. Piercings can be put through the skin of the shaft, through the foreskin, the head of the penis or the scrotum. The procedure will most likely leave a permanent hole.

Care for the Piercing

  • The wound must be kept sanitary.
  • The jewelry must not be removed until the wound is healed.
  • It is important to look out for allergic reactions to the metal as well as signs of an infection.
  • If you are to have sex during the healing process, make certain to wear a condom. It may be necessary to wear two in order to increase the strength of the protection to the piercing.

Common Issues That May Arise

The most common issues are allergic reaction to the metal, infection, soreness, redness and bleeding. An allergic reaction should be taken seriously. The first signs may be a rash or an itchy feeling that begins to spread from the area surrounding the piercing. This may mean that you are allergic to the type of metal that as used to construct the ring, bar or whatever type of jewelry that you have selected. You may need to return to the shop and select a different ring or bar made of surgical steel, which does not often cause a reaction.

Infections are important to monitor for. On occasion, a urinary infection can occur, these may present as a stinging or burning upon urination. In some cases, blood may appear in the urine. If the conditions of the shop were not sanitary, there may also be a risk of other blood diseases. Hepatitis B and C are highly dangerous and can be contracted from piercings in unclean conditions. If you feel you have an infection, it is important to seek medical assistance immediately.

Redness and soreness are to be expected. If the redness feels warm to the touch or is puffy, it may be a sign of infection. Keep an eye on the area and contact a doctor if the symptoms persist. Bleeding will most likely occur. It may happen as a spotting, but could increase. If the piercing was done incorrectly or placed in the wrong spot, then other, more serious bleeding could occur. If the bleeding will not stop, then seek medical attention immediately.



PhimosisPhimosis is a condition of an uncircumcised penis where the foreskin is unable to fully retract from the head of the penis. Phimosis is normal in the neonatal period and sometimes through adolescence. It usually corrects itself. As the penis grows and erections occur, this condition becomes painful and if still present in adulthood it needs to be corrected- usually with preputioplasty or circumcision. Phimosis can sometimes be corrected by stretching, done gradually and with lubricants and does not require any removal of the foreskin.

What Causes Phimosis?

Pathological Phimosis is phimosis that has not corrected on its own (most uncircumcised children experience some level of phimosis and it usually corrects itself by adolescence). Pathological Phimosis can be caused by a few things. First, phimosis can be caused by balanitis, or a swelling of the tip of the penis. If the glans is swollen it will be harder for the foreskin to allow it through. A second cause of phimosis is preputial stenosis, or narrowing of the foreskin. If the foreskin is too tight, the penis will not be able to expand through it. The third known cause of phimosis is balanitis xerotica obliterans (BXO), which is a skin condition where a ring of whitish skin (scar tissue) forms around the tip of the foreskin. This disallows the foreskin to be able to stretch when trying to retract.

Solutions to Phimosis

Non Surgical

  • Applying a topical steroid cream, such as betamethasone, for four to six weeks.
  • Stretching to help generate cell growth and therefore widening the foreskin. This is done gradually and with the aid of lubricants.


  • Preputioplasty is less dramatic than circumcision and involves a limited dorsal slit. Pain is minimal in this procedure and recovery time is much quicker.
  • Dorsal Slit is an incision of the foreskin along the upper length, exposing the glans but not removing any skin tissue.
  • Circumcision is the most dramatic and painful for an adult male to correct pathological phimosis, but it is also effective and results in the total removal of the foreskin.

When it comes to phimosis, it is important to consult a doctor on what treatment is best for your penis. Phimosis can often times be misdiagnosed, especially in younger males, and second opinions should be sought after to be sure you choose the right method of correction.

Penomet Australia – 450% More Effective Than Traditional Pumps

penomet penis pumpIf you are wondering about Penomet effectiveness, you should know that Penomet has helped thousands of men get the results they desire. The first three days Penomet was available, there were five thousand sold. This sold out the entire stock of the Penomet product, but quickly they were able to restock the product to get more into the hands of individuals which desired to get the same increase.

Penomet Effectiveness Research

If you have been thinking about the effectiveness of Penomet, you should know that the product has been fully researched. Many individuals have been thinking about what is behind the product and how it is working. You may be wondering what has made Penomet so successful. The biggest thing is that Penomet was used in live testing for two years before being released to the public. Whenever you put all of the individuals working on the team together, their combined experience is over one hundred years in the penis enlargement industry.

The Penomet product has patented technology which has allowed the product to excel over many of the other products which are available on the market. This technology allows for individuals to get the best and most safe results when it comes to penis enlargement. Instead of having to wonder if the technology works, the product has made sure that their product works very well. This is why they are confident to be able to offer a three hundred and sixty five day money back guarantee. This has never been done in the penis enlargement industry before.

How Does Penomet Work to Get These Great Results?

You are probably wondering how Penomet can work to get these great results. The answer is simple. The research was preformed, the technology was pieced together and a great product was born. After that, the studies were done to ensure that the product was the best available for its users. Instead of worrying about other things, the company was thinking about the end user.

The Penomet product is very simple to use and the thought behind it is simple as well. Whenever you use the product, you are going to find that your penis will increase in size within the first fifteen minutes of use. If you desire to have a quick increase, you will be able to use the Penomet product about fifteen minutes before sex. This will enable you to have a better sexual experience quickly.

If you desire to see permanent gains, it is necessary that you would use the product frequently. Frequent use of the product is easy and a great way to see the permanent gains which you desire to have. Instead of going for some sort of surgery or other painful process, you will be able to get results in a natural manner.

The penis is made up of three different chambers. Two of these chambers are the chambers which cause the erections. The third chamber is for urination and ejaculation. Whenever you use the Penomet product, the water penis pump works to develop and strengthen the chamber tissue. This will allow for increased size and overall stronger tissue in the penis.

Penomet’s science and patented technology allows the product to be able to work amazingly. The water penis pump is designed to allow for minimum compression force with minimum discomfort, but with maximum amount of growth. That means so much less of the annoying or painful things and so much more of the benefits.

Why Penomet Is A Premium Penis Pump

The Penomet penis pump was not created to be your run of the mill penis pump. This penis pump was created to be able to help individuals with their problems effectively. The premium price did not matter because the premium results were going to be delivered.

Penomet uses only the best materials available. The manufacturing process is also closely monitored to ensure products put out are going to be of high quality. This will allow for less defects and less returns on the products. The thought of a high end penis enlargement product was a bright one because nothing else can compete with Penomet effectiveness.

The gaiters which come in various grades whenever you buy certain packages are made of the top material. Instead of cheap synthetic material, the gaiters are made with medical grade silicone. This ensures that individuals using the product are not going to experience an allergic reaction due to materials which are less than high quality. Other penis pumps can not say that they give users this kind of great quality product.

Penomet has won various awards. The most prestigious award that was given to Penomet was the Venus award’s Best Male Penis Enhancement Product 2012. This award was given in Berlin, Germany. This was very exciting for the Penomet product and has allowed many individuals to notice just how effective the product is.

Users of the Penomet product will experience many different benefits. Many people may think the only benefit they are going to experience is the benefit of penis enlargement. This is not the case at all.  There are many different benefits you can experience from this product. Such things as:

  • Straightening a Bent Penis
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Whenever you use the product, you may notice different benefits since everyone could have a slightly different experience. Whatever your experience is, it will be a good thing for you to be able to get these results by using a simple product such as the Penomet product.

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Penis Pumps and Weights

bathmate_hercules_reviewThe way an erection works is by blood flowing into the shaft of the penis when a man is aroused. Within the shaft of the penis, there is no muscle involved to help it grow. What does this mean for penis enlargement? It means that you cannot make your penis larger by working out as you would at the gym. The good news is that you can increase the size of your penis by working your penis out in other ways, with use of penis pumps and weights.

Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are a cylindrical tube that you put over your penis and pump to create suction. The suction increases the blood flow to your penis, helping it swell and become harder and larger. Penis pumps come in manual and mechanical varieties and vary in price range and effectiveness. When using a pump the main thing to remember is to go slow when pumping and follow the directions given with the pump. The results with penis pumps are instant, but not always permanent. However, if used over a long period of time, men have reported seeing permanent results in penis enlargement. Also, when used with male enhancement pills the permanent size increase can be sped up.


The use of weights for penis enlargement is one of the oldest penis enlargement techniques around. Weights are hung from the penis and meant to stretch the penis and encourage cell growth to add permanent length to the penis. Sometimes when using weights men attempt to lift the weight in repetitions to try to increase strength of the penis, as well. As you might imagine, this technique is not the most comfortable and oftentimes painful. Great care should be taken when trying this method of penis enlargement so that no damage is done to the nerves of the penis. A safer, more effective way of lengthening the penis in a similar way is by using a penis traction device. Men have more control of the stretching with traction devices and have less chance of doing permanent damage to the penis.


Penis Erection Oils

Penis Erection OilsMaintaining an erection during sex is a process that is very complex and entails numerous physiological phenomena. If you want to gain an understanding of penis erection oils, you may want to educate yourself on sexual arousal.

When men are aroused sexually, the nervous system receives several signals and after this, nitric oxide goes to the corpus cavernosa. When it arrives, it goes into the arteries cells that are located in this area. This action causes relaxation of muscle cells.

When the cells of the arteries relax, the arteries of the corpus cavernosa become blood filled, and this causes compression of the veins. Once this occurs, blood is trapped within the corpus cavernosa, and an erection results.

Due to the reproductive system’s tissue structure, there are many points that are capable of interacting with chemicals. Applying certain chemicals to an important area of the erectile system will help men maintain an erection.

Because of this, numerous drugs that alleviate erectile dysfunction have hit the market. Sildenafil is one such drug and has been proven to aid in maintaining an erection.

Recently, several transdermal products have been introduced. These products contain several herbal ingredients that are added to different oils. These oils are known to be quite effective. Many of these topical oils contain sexual stimulants that are very powerful and will help you keep an erection during intercourse.

This concept is not new. Such remedies have been used by some native cultures for a very long time. Modern day science is actually just catching up.

L-Argynine is an amino acid proven to be effective in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It is converted to nitric oxide which is an essential part of orgasm in males.