The Ultimate Fisting Guide

What is Fisting? Fisting is a sexual act that involves inserting one’s entire hand or part of their forearm into another person’s vagina or anus. This intimate practice necessitates trust, communication, and patience between partners; for some fisting can be an incredibly pleasurable and satisfying experience, while for others it might be an exhilarating way … Read more

Best Fist Butt Plug

A butt plug the size and shape of a fist is the ultimate end goal for all anal play. I’ve found 3 different options that suits a wide range of pockets and buttholes 😊 #1 Handyman Butt Plug The Handyman Butt Plug is an innovative adult toy designed for you who enjoy exploring unique shapes … Read more

Best Fisting Glove

A fisting glove is a great way to add extra texture to your hand during fisting and to prevent the risk of infections. There are quite a few great options that don’t cost a lot, I’ve ranked the best ones that I’ve tested and reviewed during the last decade of sex toy testing. #1 Master … Read more

Belladonna Fist Review

No, I’m unfortunately not reviewing Belladonna’s real fist but Doc Johnson’s version of is called the Belladonna Magic Hand. It’s an accurate replica molded after her real hand which is pretty damn awesome if you ask me. Let’s first catch up on who she is before we take a look at the fist itself. Who … Read more

Best Fist Dildo

A fisting dildo is a great way to experience fisting without the need of a partner. Or why not share it with a partner and enjoy it together. I’ve tested quite a few different dildos shaped like fists in the past 15 years that I’ve been working as a sex toy tester and I’ve created … Read more

Best Fisting Lube

Fisting is a sexual act where one person uses his/her fingers to penetrate another person’s anus and that does require a lot of fisting lube. Some people enjoy having their whole fist inserted while others prefer to insert just their knuckles. The word “fist” comes from the Latin word “pugnus,” meaning “hand.” In English, we … Read more