We invite you to take this October 21st to spread your love for fisting and free speech!




October 21st marks the annual International Fisting Day, where bloggers, artists, activists, journalists, and fisting lovers all over the world come together to celebrate this beloved and controversial sex act. We hope that International Fisting Day gives you a day to feel pride in your favorite sex act, no matter how misunderstood or shameful they have made you feel in the past.

FISTING DAY was created by queer porn legends Jiz Lee and Courtney Trouble as a response to the overwhelming censorship of fisting as a sex act in pornography, and three years later these “obscenity guidelines” are still effecting our lives as porn makers. We still believe that fighting fisting censorship is a needed cause and hope that you’re involvement in talking about fisting, celebrating and learning about fisting helps us reach our goals of fighting this censorship!

Fisting Day is notoriously celebrated via Tumblr content, Twitter, and the creation of art, stories, education, and awareness! 





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